Picture framing is a creative business with all framers having their own individuality and their own methods to achieve the end result of a quality framed product which their customer has entrusted to them. A well framed piece of work will be enjoyed and admired for many years.

Framing is based on the quality of the product alongside of price; quality wood is easier and quicker to work with thus saving time – a major factor of cost in framing. This is one of the reasons that frames are still manufactured within Australia.

Our job as a wholesaler is to supply the retailers with quality goods. Therefore we supply our customers with samples of mouldings and mat boards that they choose and which they feel will suit their individual business.

When the frame is chosen by their respective customer, our retailer orders the length of moulding in metres, the mat board, foam board and accessories and we pack it to be delivered. Goods can be collected personally or can be delivered in the metro area for a minimal charge via our daily courier or for those in the country we subsidise freight costs by using Toll Ipec on a daily basis.

For country customers ordering glass, the customer organises their own transport and it is generally required that they will have access to a forklift.

We also offer extra services to our regular glass customers whereas we will cut oversize glass.

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